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Our Approach to Custom Software Development


We spend a significant amount of time making sure that we fully understand your project specifications.  We try to see the finished software application through your eyes.


Once we fully analyze your project specifications and understand all requirements, we work with you and all stake holders to  determine the best plan to develop the project.


In this phase we begin to outline all features and functions as it relates to the user interface.  We start with a wireframe to illustrate the basic layout, and design of the application.


Projects are assigned development resources, and commence upon acceptance of a detailed Scope of Work.  Clients receive weekly progress reports, and software demonstrations.


Testing is performed throughout the development life cycle.  Each project is assigned a QA team that manually tests the application, along with developing automated test scripts.


We support our clients efforts to implement the software solution within their organization.  During the initial release we  often modify or enhance functionality to improve performance.

Web Applications 

Novateus develops web applications that are fast, responsive, and user friendly.  We leverage the latest technologies such as HTML5, Bootstrap, AngularJS, NodeJS to develop web applications that are positioned for the future.

Novateus develops web applications for a variety of industries and business domains, including Finance, Real Estate, Construction, Logistics, Retail, and Health Care. We have significant experience with developing Enterprise Type Solutions such as CRMs, Document Management Software, and Project Management Software. We also focus heavily on E-Commerce Platforms, Payment Processing, and Social Networking Platforms.

Mobile Applications

Novateus develops native mobile applications for Adroid and IOS devices.  Our mobile applications are used for B2B, B2C and heavy enterprise-grade mobile solutions that automate and streamline business operations.

Novateus has always been at the leading edge of mobile application technology and development. We don’t use prefabricated app templates. We design, build, and scale custom mobile apps for our clients. Our team of experienced developers have been in mobile apps space since it started, and are proficient developing both native apps and hybrid apps. Combining the latest mobile technology with our methodologies, our apps are built to last and scale.  Our customers and their clients depend on Novateus to deliver mobile solutions that provide anywhere anytime access to mission critical services.

Hardware Devices 

Novateus develops connected hardware devices for the Internet of Things (IOT).  IOT is a simple mechanism of embedding sensors, chips, and tags in consumer devices, heavy machines, remote assets, and vehicles, that establishes an internet-enabled connection and remotely transmits data to the provider. We develop or integrate hardware devices using the Terablue IOT Platform. We have joined forces with the Terablu team to collaborate and assist with there project.

We are capable of designing Hardware, Integrating Hardware, developing Firmware, Libraries, Gateways, and the vast array of cloud services required for an end to end IOT device.  We are heavily focused on Smart Home Devices such as Lighting, Sockets, Swithes, Motion Sensors, Door Sensors, Smoke Sensors, and Cameras.  We are also focused on several Medical Devices such as Smart Thermometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, and Smart Scales.

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